When you don’t look busy but you are.

The first half of this year did not go according to my plan, but it has been jam-packed. Despite not updating here, I am proud to share that I have licensed photos every month. 

Most of them were used for editorial purposes by reputable publications like The Independent and local outlets such as Highland News & Media, as well as numerous blogs and social media platforms. You may have seen my pictures without realising it, so watch the credit. 

I also completed a short course on Photo Journalism at the ual: London College of Communication. It was an unexpected experience that allowed me to meet new people and learn more than I anticipated. 

Then, in June, I attended Adobe MAX on tour - London 2023. The event featured informative talks by Scott Belsky on the future of AI, Jacqueline Springer from the V&A on Black music, messages & meaning, and Munya Chawawa on his creative process. It was great and helped me learn how to fit into & use generative AI.

Last of all, I set up a new website, which is & will always be a work in progress, so drop by again soon to see recent posts & photos.

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