1. Inverness, Caithness & the Highlands

    2023-11-01 17:23:00 UTC
    I might be based in East Anglia, but it does not mean I don’t step over the border. I travel covering anywhere in the UK as I live close to links down to London and the Midlands. Most notably, my second local patch is at the end of the British…

  2. How Lockdown Made Alice’s Gardening Wonderland.

    2023-10-08 14:34:00 UTC
    I visited Alice and her fantastic garden in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. We all have one, may look after one or at least past them. Gardens are a favourite British pastime of varying sizes, shapes & types. Some of us prefer low maintenance, others can never find the…

  3. Sloightly on Th’ Huh in Elephant and Castle

    2023-09-02 08:38:00 UTC
    I attended a Photojournalism course in May at the London College of Communications. Below is the photo assignment I did as part of the course, one of two ideas I had.  Check out the photos in the gallery here. Sloightly on Th’ Huh in Elephant and Castle skew; slant Arriving…

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